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Natural Skin Care, A Game Changer!

Natural Skin Care, A Game Changer!

February 04, 2019


            Wait, what?! Discontinued is one very devastating word to hear when you’ve used a product for over 14 years.  My very favorite face lotion was an all-natural organic gel type lotion for the face and just like that it was out of my life forever.  After I squeezed the very last drop of product out of my original holy grail lotion I began my quest for new skincare. I tried close to 10 different face washes,  lotions, and  potions.  From all natural, to “the best” products, which were chalk full of ingredients you should never put on your face (more on that below).   All of which did NOTHING good for my skin.  Made me break out, made my face flaky, dry and oily, all at the same time. 

            Then….I found Eminence and talk about game changer.  I had heard a few bloggers raving about this product before but I never really paid much attention to it. 

            One day I was going to pick up paint and I walked past a store and I saw the Eminence sign in the window.  I thought, this must be my sign (which, quite frankly was exactly what it was).   I went in and asked about the products and the girls working there were very knowledgeable, and told me how much they personally loved the product. They gave me a few samples to try and I bought the Stone Crop Gel Wash  ( here )  and a the Stone Crop Gel Moisturizer ( here ).    The samples I got were the Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer  ( here )  and the Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant  ( here )  and the Coconut Milk Cleanser ( here ).   After testing all the products I honestly loved them all.  I quickly  went from a girl who used ONE product to a girl who had 20 and all for different reasons.   

There are some new “holy grail” for me and three of those original five are still in my top five.  If I HAD to choose (although luckily I don’t because I truly love all of the products I have) but, my top five I would choose:


  1. Stone Crop Gel wash ( here )
             A good gentle everyday cleanser.
  2. Stone Crop Gel Moisturizer ( here ).
             I use this in the A.M. for a light moisturizer you can use alone or before make-up.
  3. 3.Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment ( here ).
     Wash your face before bed and use this after and you’ll wake up feeling like you got a facial the day before! Although this says overnight I often use it in the morning as well if I need a little more moisture than the gel!
  4. Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant ( here )
             THIS PRODUCT IS MAGIC.  Last year, when I found eminence my skin was so dry and flaky and using this product to remove that dead skin was exactly what I needed.  I mix this with any of the cleansers to make an amazing exfoliation.   I mix it with the coconut cream cleanser about once a week and I swear it makes your face to feel like a baby’s butt, the coconut adds moisture while the exfoliant gets rid of dead skin, win win!
  5. Stone Crop Cleansing Oil ( here )
                This product is amazing to get rid of make-up and especially mascara.  I use it at night before I wash with one of the gel cleansers.  I didn’t realize until about 3 months after using it but you are supposed to use it without water first and then add water to rinse!


So those are my top 5 favorite products.  Below are some additional products I love.  I know it's an expensive line but a little goes a long way with Eminence.  I have had some of these products for over a year and they are still more than half way full.  The only ones I have replaced in the last year are the Stone crop Gel Wash and The Stone crop Gel Moisturizer because I use them every single day and sometimes twice a day.


Other favorites:

  1. Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. ( here )
    2. Firm Skin Acai Masque  ( here )
    3. Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant ( here )
    4.  Stone Crop Masque ( here )
    5.  Bright Skin Mask ( here )
    6. Bright Skin Overnight Correcting Cream ( here )
    7. Tropical Vanilla Day Cream w/ SPF ( here )


And  a few products I don't have yet but are next on my list:

  1. Firm Skin Acai Moistureizer ( here )
    2. Bright Skin Overnight Cream ( here )
    3. Mango Night Cream ( here )


So that’s it guys! I hope you all like my Eminence skin care recap and If you have any questions about products let me know below! I of course am not a dermatologist or certified to give actual skin care advice, this is just what I have found to work for my face!  


PS: I have an app called “think dirty” where you can actually scan your products and see how clean or dirty they are on a scale of 1-10.   I try to use only natural and organic products because I really believe in them and think they TRULY work 10 times better than products full of chemicals.  This app is awesome, you can go around and scan Items you have in your house and if they are “dirty” it will show you cleaner options to switch to!


Oh and Eminence is committed to being the greenest company possible in every way imaginable. They plant a tree for every product sold… Yup, every product sold.

They have planted over 7 Million Trees + Counting!




* I am using affiliate links and may receive payment if you purchase these items.




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